Graham Harradine of Hay Park Cricket Club

In our first nomination for  SLOG Ezicover Australia’s Best Amateur Club Curator comes from Western Australia. Jono Whitney FROM Hay Park Cricket Club has nominated their curator, Graham Harradine.


Harradaine is a huge part of the furniture at the Redbacks with duties ranging from club treasurer, runs the bar on training nights and distributes club kit, but most importantly club curator.


As a club member, they’ve run out of accolades to give him, he’s a life member and a club patron but Jono reckons that some recognition from outside of the club would be great and that he should be in contention for Australia’s Best Amateur Club Curator.

As curator, Graham is considered to produce some of the best decks outside of Perth. This all comes down to his dedication and attention to detail, producing the goods for Hay Park week in and week out. He does it with the essential equipment as there is only a small shipping container for storage with everything fitting in like a jigsaw puzzle piece and no room for covers,


This where Jono believes Hay Park and Graham would benefit from a SLOG Ezicover as the covers they currently have are too heavy to put out by one person. Due to their limited storage space on site, Graham keeps them at his house and is regularly left to get them onto his trailer by himself (which is exceptional in itself). When it comes to getting them on the wicket it requires a minimum of 10 people to get them on comfortably and most know curators know what Graham experiences often and that the job is left with the curator and one or two other people to get done.

Thanks to Jono Whitney and Hay Park CC for nominating Graham! Graham will surely be in hot contention come closing date to be one of our five finalists. For more information on nominating for Australia’s Best Amateur Club Curator click here!

If you’re interested in purchasing a SLOG Ezicover, get in touch with Chris Cay via or mobile 0449 752 684

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